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So, I joined a “Walking Club” at lunch, which consists of three older women in their 40s-50s and myself (as of today). One lady is overweight but had a baby about 6 months ago, one is a basketball coach, the other usually walks slumped over, like a hunchback. I thought I’d fit in nicely 🙂

I started out optimistically. I figured we’d chat, I’d make some female friends at work, and even if they were older, maybe they’d have wisdom to share. I laced up my sneakers and put on my trusty yoga pants.

As we approached the track Coach looked at her watch. Uh-oh, not a good sign, I thought. Then she looked at the lines on the track. “We always start timing on the green line,” she said. That’s it, I thought, I’m screwed. And I was.

I think I said two words to them before they were ten feet ahead of me. There were slight pains down my legs, and I realized I should have stretched. I hadn’t been to yoga in two weeks because of my cold and stomach flu. My legs were stiff, achy, and quite unaccommodating.

I watched as the women in my club became specks ahead of me on the track. They swung their arms back and forth, they laughed. I walked, holding my water bottle, and wishing I’d brought my iPod. I had it in my hand and then put it back into my workout bag thinking, I don’t want to be rude…

Turns out I even fail in this demographic! My legs hurt, my hips started popping, and by mile one they had eventually lapped me.

I figured I should have just walked by myself at the end of the day by the ocean. I mean, isn’t it an unwritten rule that you kinda slow down if someone joins the club and can’t walk very fast? Especially if said person said she has MS and struggles a bit with exercise? Sigh. It’s MS Awareness week. Yippee.